Youtube videos not working


Whenever I tweet a youtube link or try to share it via Youtube, it always get posted as a link not like a video. So there is no ‘View Media’ for my followers nor does the video appear in my ‘Photos and Videos’.

Any help?


Same here, I am trying to find how to fix it… =’/


Same here too. And this is really really annoying to me. Some video works some don’t. I NEED it woks for every youtube video.



Same here … WHY is this happening??? I can post other videos from YT and the “View Media” appears – why not on my videos? I have changed and tested different settings, and nothing changes …



Apologies for a delayed response on this issue. If it is still occurring, could you please provide a few examples of tweets (their URLs) that are and are not working as expected? I’ll investigate further.


I’m having the same issue:


It’s happening to me too.

Here’s the last one that worked for me:

And here are my latest three tweets that should have had it embedded: + +



Hello all! The provided tweets in this thread look to have YouTube videos embedded in the details page. Occasionally, there is a slight delay in attaching videos to a tweet (meaning seconds), so I assume this was the case with these tweets. If you have any tweets that still do not have YouTube videos attached, please let me know.


I’m getting the same problem, please can you help. Here’s an example


Obviously this issue has not been solved.
I am running into the very same problems with my YouTube Videos.
There is no pattern to be recognized.
Some videos work fine and the “view media” link is displayed in a tweet, and then again only the link is displayed in a tweet. This way the videos do not get any attention.

And frankly, I am really running out of patience. Because I tweeted to @Support already before, withoujt getting any reaction. And here, I have to register as a developer, just to ask a simple question. And I am anything but a developer - I can tell you this much.

Guys, you make Billions with this platform. Start acting like it and show some respekt to the users!
At the very least that would mean to provide some decent support.


As @jbulava notes above, sometimes there’s a delay before the media is attached to the Tweet detail view. Can you provide a link to a Tweet that is displaying an issue?


@andypiper @jbulava Hi, I’m sadly having the same issue.
Here’s the link


For those having issues with YouTube player cards, we have discovered an intermittent issue with the meta tags on pages and will be attempting to work this out with youtube. Thanks for your patience.

Tracked internally as PREL-17752



I am also experiencing this problem. Video won’t display in twitter feed.

What can be done?


I am having the same or similar problem with videos. I really need to find the answer to this.