YouTube Thumbnails in Summary Cards


Here is an issue I am having with YouTube thumbnails in Summary Cards. I hope that I am putting this in the right place.

My cards were validated and approved a couple or a few weeks ago, but, although YouTube thumbnails show up in the Card validator (and I think maybe, but I’m not sure, one may have shown up once in a tweet), they consistently do not show up in my Summary Cards when I tweet my posts. Here is an example:

On top of this, when the YouTube thumb does not show, the card does not even default to any other image—in a couple of instances it failed to show any image that was in the tweeted post, and in the example above it failed to show the default avatar that I have primarily to show up on the summary card where a post has no image in it. (That avatar has, by the way, shown up in the Twitter cards of posts that had no image or YouTube embed in them.)

It seems to me that in my obsessive googling for an answer to this I did notice that the question was asked by one or two other Twitter users, but I have not seen any answer. Anyone know what’s going on?


Sorry for the delay. I believe it’s because the youtube image is less than the min required (which i believe is 120x120).

You’d need to reference a larger image size for it to work. (Clever use of the Youtube image though!)


Hello, and thank you for your reply. Odd that I didn’t get an email about it—I thought I had subscribed to the thread. In fact, I just came back to supplement my question or post a new one.

The problem now has also turned up in posts with just plain images. This most recent one, for instance:

The image in the post is not too small, and yet no image in the card, not even the default image for when a post has no images.

It still puzzles me a bit, though, the YouTube images. If the image is too small, should it not either select an image in the post that is large enough (as several of my posts have) or default to my Web site’s thumbnail? This one, for instance, has both YouTube and an image in the post, and the image is large enough:

And there are one or two other examples like that. Plus there is this:

which has three nice images in the post, one at the top and three in the text, and yet no image thumbnail in the Twitter card.

I’m sorry to have inundated you with the links, but I wanted to provide sufficient examples. It seems at this point the only time I get an image thumbnail in a Twitter card is when there is no image or video whatsoever in the post, in which case it does typically go to the default image.

In any case, I’ll try to see if I am in fact subscribed to this thread, and I’ll try to check back too. Thank you for your help.


Hi Virgil,

Here’s the image URL:

The image is too small; minimum size is 120x120.