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here is my Application details. and currently its showing ‘You’re on the waitlist!’. Can someone pelase help me is there any step is pending from my side. Actually i want to use either standard beta/premium APi features. Want to activate Account activity API. Can someone please help me to share steps to follow to register/activate Account Activity API.

App Name : TetheriTestTwitter
App Id : 14961723
Owner :Pdsouza789
Owner ID :976096914461601792


We are currently in the process of evaluating all applications and will let users know if/when they are approved. We have capacity constraints during the Beta and apologize that not everyone may be granted access at this time. We will let you know via email on your application as soon as we have reviewed your application. We’re currently unable to provide an estimate for approval times.

You should receive an email to your verified email address from the @handle used to apply, once you’ve been approved.