Your credentials do not allow access to this resource on verify_credentials access


I cannot work around this problem: I keep getting 220 error code with message “Your credentials do not allow access to this resource” when trying to run
My localhost environment works ok (no errors, user info is returned upon request), but when going live I’m getting the error above. Both applications have the same ‘read only’ permissions that should be enough for verify_credentials. The rate limit is also ok. I’ve also checked that I use https to access twitter api. I’m using abraham’s classes to make my calls
Perhaps my domain is blacklisted on twitter. Is it possible? Or maybe I’m missing something else out?


hello, am having the same issue, were you able to resolve this?



My problem was not in the twitter api or credentials as I thought first. I was not providing the same auth token to the api while sending the verify_credentials request. I advise you check that the tokens match.



As LimeEugenia pointed out, this error could be related to a wrong set of oauth tokens being used when signing the request. Please, can you check if:

  • You’re are signing the request with your app consumer key and secret AND your access token key and secret.
  • You’re using the correct pair of access token key and secret if you’re connecting on behalf of a user of your app. The access token obtained via Sign in with Twitter only works with the app authorized by the user previously.