Your card has sizing issues on desktop



I’m french. I don’t understand :

Message form twitter :

We’re writing to you to inform you that a request from this account to have a Player card whitelisted on our Platform has been rejected per our policies (, specifically:

Your card has sizing issues on desktop (large grey rectangles above and below the video - screenshot attached) that need to be corrected.

Screenshot :

My response :

This behavior is normal. The video is 16/9, if the player does not meet this proportion, it fills with black.

Youtube is like this:

Twitter : When displayed in this fashion your card takes up the entirety of a desktop screen. Please make the necessary changes and resubmit your card for review via our validator.

So, can you explain that to me what I’m doing wrong, or show me how the player should react?

Thanks !


The card is displayed with the ratio of the twitter:width and twitter:height you specified.
Seeing how it’s rendered I wouldn’t be surprised if you inverted width and height.


ahahahahahah XD

thank you !