Your Application ID is not authorized


Your Application ID is not authorized.

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How to authorised application id ?


What endpoint are you trying to access?


This is the whole story:
Method: POST
Auth: 1.0
“tweet_ids”: [
“engagement_types”: [
“groupings”: {
“grouping name”: {
“group_by”: [

“errors”: [
“Your Application ID is not authorized.”


The Engagement API is an enterprise product. You need to contact the enterprise team for access.


Ok, Is there a way that I can test engagement APIs (Sandbox Mode).


There’s no sandbox for the Engagement API.


I am in kinda dilemma. My client said that he got enterprise account access.
Is there a way to know weather my account has Enterprise API access or not ?

Are you sure this error (Your Application ID is not authorized.) is because of not having enterprise api access ?


Yes, that error will occur if the application ID you are using has not been granted access to the specific endpoint. I’ve just tested locally with two different apps, one that has access and one that does not, and that is the exact error returned by the account and app without access. Your client will have to check with their account manager to ensure that the app ID they have provided you with is the correct one.


alright, Thanks for your time @andypiper


Hello @andypiper

We used the above link to register for enterprise access, but we received no reply still.

We also registered for premium access and have received no mail or reply containing any status update.

It has been a month of us trying to get this problem solved.

Please reply ASAP

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