You need to reapply for a Twitter card


Hello twitter Devs,

We urgently need your help, we just got our card declined and we frankly have no idea why. Everything validated when we submitted it weeks ago or so.
We got the following decline:-

"The URL you provided for to use the player card did not validate. Please make sure the page contains valid metadata, then reapply for a Twitter card.

Thanks for your patience. See you soon!"

The videos are iframed in our domain and hosted on amazon, here is an example:

Can a twitter dev please help us. we got everything validated when we applied and the video did work.



This was discussed in our recent developer hangout (see

Basically you need to have a robots.txt file on Amazon / AWS which enables our cards system to see your media. You’ll need to reverse the subdomain so that you’re using as the top part of the domain. @romainhuet explains this in the hangout.