You must add your mobile phone to your Twitter profile before creating an application


Please see for a work around.


Exactly the same for me !



Thanks a lot ^^ It’s work great for me.


“Sorry, we don’t have a connection to your carrier yet!”

The carrier available in drop down is not supported and instead receive error.


i am also facing same problem…


my english is bad i hope my post hellpfull .

go to this url
you will find :
+2126425****** Certified

click on certif

then resend the verification key you will recive key to your mobile enter it
then Enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:

i was have the same problem but i solve it with this method :wink: .


My mobile number does shows up but I am not able to verify it.
It says “Enter the 6 digit pin that was sent to +######” but I have not received any code.
I tried resend confirmation, too.


¡Los sentimos, aún no tenemos conexión para tu operadora!
No te preocupes, estamos en ello y te avisaremos cuando todo esté listo. Mientras tanto, utiliza uno de nuestros códigos largos. Aprende más.


This is really frustrating. Please fix this.


My problem is that I want to create a twitter bot and need to create an app for it, but I can’t use my phone number since this one is already taken by my personal twitter account.

How do I solve this???


If you have a phone number associated with your account then you should be able to create an app just fine. What are you experiencing?


The phone number you’re trying to use is already associated with another Twitter account.
To add your phone, please remove it from any other accounts.

I have just one phone number and its not a associated with another Twitter account.

How can i solve this problem ?


Hi, SMS verification code isn’t working with my phone number, nothing happens.

But I want to create a Twitter App and this code / phone validation is required.

How can I solve this? Is this an intentional country barrier or there is a way to create apps for me?


I have the same prob. But the phone is recognized by twitter. I can log in with it, receive SMS’s, etc. etc. But I still can’t create an App. Has anyone found a solution


same issue here. My phone number is verified but I can not create an App!


Cannot create app even though I already added mobile# and successfully entered the code from the text message. Still tells me to add mobile# when trying to create app…


Have the same issue here, even I have activated my phone number. I also try that “log in at my Android phone and then open the browser to file the application.”


I too am experiencing problems with this!


Same issue in two accounts, (one US on PT). Just added my phone on my personal account and asked my client to configure his. None of the accounts allow the creation of new apps although both phones were verified.

Furthermore, I’d like to echo the above - not all twitter accounts are personal accounts. Especially dev accounts. Why would a person create an app? And if they do, what’s the percentage of highly successful apps that are “one man show’s”? Isn’t it a dangerous bottleneck to funnel all relevant auth requests through one physical medium that can be stolen, lost or just miles away from where it’s needed? can it at least be optional?


Me too!!! I am really crazy now.