You must add your mobile phone to your Twitter profile before creating an application


When I create an application, show a message.

You must add your mobile phone to your Twitter profile before creating an application. Please read for more information

How can I fixed it ?

Please help.


According to this post: , you will indeed have to add a phone number to your account. Follow the link in the error message.


I have a same problem with “t2code”. I can’t enter my mobile phone number.


I am not able to create new apps. Not able to receive those verification sms in germany with my provider too. I am cut off being able to develop with twitter :frowning:



Me too. Work wants me to test out the Twitter-API for integration into our software.


Same here. I’m trying from France.
And trying to register with a long code leads nowhere.
I’ve tried the UK, Germany and Finland shortcodes. Got nothing in return.


Same here, from Spain.
The last week i made a request to the support, but still received no response.


Why dont they just remove such restriction for people who want to develop their applications. Thousand of brains are requesting to fix this problem or this bug on the system. Remove the mobile restriction, test this option on twitter lab and put it back for public subscribtion if it works!!


No short code for France and long code does not work!!


We need to add phone number to our account before we could an app on twitter dev center.
But Twitter said they have a connection to my Carrier.


This is extremely stupid. Either provide a normal carrier support or don’t require phone numbers…


this is just frustrating.


Yeah total mess… We can’t do anything without an API and right now twitter says: Hey, your phone number is not supported, ah, to bad, you can’t do business!


I have the same problem in Spain with my Vodafone mobile! This is so silly!! I hope them to fix it quickly


me too in spain with telefonica


And in South Africa too … cannot create APP without mobile number and it will no accept any number I try!!


Me too in germany with telefonica. Please remove that stupid requirement. I want to develop an app for workstations. Don’t require mobile support. Wasted hours of time!

Twitter integration in some of our projects would be a “nice to have”.


This is soo frustating,. not being able to proceed with this because of this limitation.
It would be very nice to get some feedback from twitter on this.


I found a solution for this problem without using mobile phone number.

  1. Install Twitter in mobile ( not need have mobile card in this phone).
  2. Init session with your acount of twitter por development.
  3. Create your app.
    In my acount of development i don`t have any mobile phone number put it and i don´t send any message to activate.

Regards and luck!