YFrog able to by passes status update limit?


I have heard this from multiple people actually. When they have a as they called it ‘tweet limit’, they can use the yfrog website to tweet from there anyway. To me that doesn’t seem right at all. Is this a bug? Is it rule breaking? (I don’t see how that would be possible though) Is this behavior normal?
I asked the person who was using YFrog to tweet during a ‘tweet limit’ to post a picture that she had a ‘tweet limit’, which is the following https://twitpic.com/7gixw8/full if you browse through that person’s tweets you can clearly see that see at one point switched to tweeting from YFrog, someone else in this conversation also confirmed that she knew this was possible https://twitter.com/#!/Lovatoful/status/138021061341093889

So I am really just wondering, is this expected behavior or not? If not, will something be done about it?

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