Yet Another - My Website is Being Flagged as Malware or Spam!


My Site:

Tried Support Ticket

Tried Emailing

Tried Google SafeBrowsing and etc. and all come up clean.

Did anyone figure out a way of talking to Twitter or should I give up, delete Twitter Account and all links to it.


Now when people leave our website for twitter I added a warning explaining Twitter are inaccurately labeling us as malware. I know this isn’t going to make twitter act any faster. At least we’re not losing customers by linking to a website calling us malware etc.

Deleted Link as warning has been removed 22/02/14.


#16871884 Twitter Support

Does the support ticket system actually work? I tried replying to an email (Standard message asking me to check Google SafeBrowsing again) and seconds later they emailed the same message back?


Received a response to Support Ticket today and problem fixed.