Yet another ERROR: No card found (Card error)



Hello there,

Since a few days I am going mad in trying to get the cards work for my website using the Yoast SEO plugin. From my understanding, everything looks correct, all the meta and such. For debug reasons I also did add a robots.txt that allows * for the twitterbot.

But no matter what I do, it doesn’t work and I keep on getting this from the validator

INFO: Page fetched successfully
INFO: 2 metatags were found
ERROR: No card found (Card error)

Any suggestion or hint about what else I might try?


Following the troubleshooting steps, I just tried to fetch the page with the Twitterbot user-agent set, and although the site returns a successful HTTP 200 response code, no body is sent. So, the crawler quite literally cannot find your card. Fetching the page as a browser or as an unspecified user-agent, works fine.


Hi Andy,
We did try the same experiment and we also came to a similar conclusion, but I don’t manage to understand how and why that is happening.
Specially because the card seems to be visible and correct while inspecting the html of the page.
Specially after having given the full authorization ot the Twitterbot. Any idea on what might be be causing such an effect? Could it be the interference of some plugin or the theme itself?

[EDIT ] To add a bit more to my confusion, the only card that seems to work (even though it shows no image i nthe validator) is this one, but in the meta I don’t seem to see any relevant diffence


It’s more likely to be the way the web server is configured rather than the theme, I would think. Looks like you’re running Apache. It’s a bit beyond the scope of our developer forums to be able to assist on webmaster support, but if I remember my days fiddling with Apache, you might want to check if you’ve got a .htaccess file that is interfering here.


Thank you very much, at least i have some hints about a direction in which to search, it’s becoming quite puzzling.

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