Yes, another Developer Account Review claim!


Dear Twitter friends,
When you announce the new changes in the your api almost a year ago, we, as company decided to move as fast as we can to adapt our business and prepare our platform and customers to migrate to Your new definition.

Since then until March 2018, we were working on the migration , and when we had been ready for it we ask you for the review and aprovement of our developer account, that was on March, we never has response from twitter.

On July 6th, and with the announce of the exactly date for deadline of the deprecated api methods, we ask again for the review, in this case we have a response with a reference(#ref:00DA0000000K0A8.5004A00001RImvE:ref) and a form with some questions about how we manipulate ads, and agregate information from our customers, we answered it and focused in that we don’t use ads and we don’t aggregate customer data.

Then we were contacted by a Twitter sales representer, asking if we need more than 250 @users, and we said no, we just have 50 @users, so the sales representer said that we have to stay in the standard review process, and that was all.

Now, on the firsts days of August 2018, we resend the email hoping to have some light from you before the retire of the endpoints. There is no answer.

We worried and worked on time to be ready for your changes but now on August 24th, 6 months later we still having no more info of the status of our review.

The big problem is that we are having more and more support tickets and complaints every day, from our customers that they are loosing messages with the Twitter Channel, we’re traying to mitigate it and explaining that we’ve maid as most as possible to contact Twitter and get the developer account reviewed and approved but what else can we do??

So, Twitter incremented drastically the price of use, flicker our customers communications, put us in a 2 weeks waiting list and we’re waiting 6 months, and no even one email saying hey please wait a little more or you’re not approved, or whatever!

Please, tell me what can i say to my 50 @users, that their thousands of customers messages can be randomly lost by aTwitter policy or a slow review process?

Please, give us a real review date… for good or bad, but we need to know what’s happening with our process to transparent this situation.

Best Regards,

Alfredo Egaña H
Development Director


Hello @Tst_multicanal,

Thank you for the detailed submission.

For any developer application that was submitted more than a month ago and is still open, we have reached out via email to the address associated with the @handle that you applied with asking for more information about your use case. If you do have an application that has been open for more than a month, please let me know what the @handle is so I can have our agent reopen your case.

It sounds like your June ask for review did result in an email asking for more details about your use case. I’m curious as to what the final email in this string looks like. Can you please let me know where we left this?

For any application that was submitted after we made the changes to the app management process on July 24th, you should have either received a similar email asking for more info, received an approval, received a rejection, or are still on the waitlist.

If you could please let me know specifically which handles you’ve applied with and where in the application process each of those handles is at, I might be able to help push this forward. Please be as specific as possible though so I have the full picture of your situation.



Hey Dan! thank you very much for your reply…yes, our application was sent more than a month ago with the @tst_multicanal handle, associated with the email
Thank you very much in advance.


It looks like we approved @chattigo a while back for an organization account. Please make sure that you add any accounts that you want access for to this team account rather than applying for new accounts.

If you have already applied for new developer accounts with other handles, please list them here. You will not be able to add any @handle that have applied for an additional developer account to your team account at the moment since they are currently going through the application process. I’m going to work with my team to see what we can do about this.


Hi Dan, thank you for your response. It is wonderful to hear that we have been approved, unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find what is the approved account.
The account that we have been using for our app is @tst_multicanal, so we applied for a developer account using the same handle @tst_multicanal, that have the user Actually, we do still have access to
The problem is when we try to access developer portal using we get the app under review message (
The question is, what is the account we got the access granted?

Thanks in advance


Someone on your team had applied with the @chattigo handle a while back. If you log in with this @handle on, you will have access to the developer portal.

If you would prefer to have access via the @tst_multicanal, we might be able to help you out. Just let us know.

We have announced that we will be retiring in the future, but it is still available today. The only functionality that we’ve removed thus far from is the ability to create apps. You will still be able to manage apps for the immediate future.


Thank you! we do prefer to have access via @tst_multicanal handle. When do you estimate we can have this change done?


Good Morning, any update on this? Thanks!


My apologies. I believe that I might have mistyped earlier.

It looks like you have access to an account with @dev_multicanal. Before we make the switch, I want to make sure that you knew that we would be turning off access to @dev_multicanal in exchange for @Tst_multicanal

Please confirm if you would like for us to proceed.


Hi Dan, we were able to access using @dev_multicanal, thank you!
It is not necessary to exchange the handles.



Glad to hear!

Please let me know if you need anything else.


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