Xcode 7 TwitterKit warning


Xcode 7 with TwitterKit 1.11.0 shows this warning sometimes:
Umbrella header for module 'TwitterKit' does not include header 'TWTRSession.h'
Fix please.

Issue reopening

Another warning appeared with TwitterKit 1.11.4:
Umbrella header for module 'TwitterKit' does not include header 'TWTRDefines.h'
Fix anyone???


We are currently working on a fix for this issue.


The issue has halted my progress and I can’t proceed because I can’t build my work. Is there a workaround meanwhile?


When I got latest version (1.11.4), after update from fabric I cannot build my code due to this.
Edit: I solved this problem by completely remove TwitterKit libraries from Xcode and also delete project from fabric.io . After that I made fresh TwitterKit installation . Now I can build my project. Errors have gone.


Any updates? Its been 2 weeks!


I would also like to know if there are any updates here. My project keeps generating the umbrella header warnings.


You’re seeing this on version 1.12.0 of Twitter Kit and 1.5.5 of Fabric?


I am still seeing the issue with Twitterkit 1.12.0 and Fabric version 2.0.3.


@JaronLowe1 that sounds like the version of Fabric.app is 2.0.3, what do you see for the underlying framework?


I’m not sure where to find the underlying Fabric Framework version. There don’t seem to be any indications of version number in the Framework headers. Where do I check for this?


Right-click on the framework in Xcode and select “Show in Finder.” Then right-click on Fabric.framework in Finder and hit “Get Info”. You’ll see the version number listed there.


I still see this both warnings with Fabric app v.2.0.7, Fabric framework v.1.6.1 and TwitterKit framework v.1.13.1


@alxvasenin are you using Cocoapods?


No, I don’t


Hmm, I’m not seeing this locally. Here is a sample project that I doesn’t have that warning. Let me know if this helps!



Hmm… I don’t see them anymore, even with yesterday version of my app. I guess they disappeared as result of Xcode 7.1 update I’ve installed today.


Very strange, but glad to hear it! Happy coding and feel free to reach back out at any point.



Damn, I do see them again. Haven’t changed anything.


Still seeing this problem. I checked the framework version as you recommended and it’s using version 1.6 of the Fabric framework.