Xauth stop working



I have an app using Xauth. it used to work fine but stop working recently. when user try to sign in, it returns a 401 Unauthorized.

I provid the correct username,password,comsumer key/secret and signature. but the /oauth/access_token returns 401.

I use twurl(a thrid party twitter API tool) to verify,and I can’t use Xauth to signing in with my comsumer key and secret. The Oauth process works fine.

My consumer key is 0esEy0SJPe8PR04AshTZ7g. Could you please help me check if my app still have Xauth enabled?


You’re likely running into some other problem with encoding, time stamps, or similar.


Have there been any changes on the server side to this recently?
We had no problems with our app until a few days ago and the code has not been changed - it just stopped working correctly.