xAuth Permission response waiting


Previous Friday I sent an email to api@twitter.com regarding xAuth permission via my work email. I’m using different mail account for my Twitter.(I read from discussions about this) I got automatic response same day with a #ticketId. I replied that mail with required information on Monday but still waiting for the reply. I checked my mail and spam folder but couldn’t find any reply. Can you help me/inform me? I’m having issues related to project deadline. I need to inform my project manager about Twitter integration progress, that’s why I’m so hurried.


It can take around 72 business-day hours for a response to each back-and-forth. If you really feel it’s been abandoned, share your ticket # here and I’ll see if I can determine the status – or alternately, send them an email again, this time from the appropriate email address and anticipate their questions ahead of time and provide exhaustive detail from the get-go.


Thanks for the quick reply. My ticket Id is #4679624.


Thanks Onat – I’ve been informed there’s somewhat of a backlog right now with servicing xAuth requests – as always, our API policy team will work through the tickets in as timely a manner as is possible & safe. Thanks!


Taylor thank you for your assistance and support. I’ve got an email that our application is now able use xAuth. Thanks!


thank you so much


Thnks XAuth