xAuth is not working from 2012/01. Is there any server api change about statuses/update with xAuth?


I got error message “Could not authenticate with OAuth.” when posting using statuses/update API and xAuthorized token.
By 2011/12 my code is working well. and I didn’t change my code. Is there any server api change from 2012/01?


the response data is the following:

{“error”:“Could not authenticate you.”,“request”:"/1/statuses/update.json"}

I have no idea what I did wrong api call.


Can you make API calls using the same token to other end points such as account/verify_credentials?

xAuth really has nothing to do with making API calls themselves.

Was there any time you may have revoked your application access on twitter.com, generated an access token on dev.twitter.com, or otherwise re-invoked the authorization flow for the access token?


I’ve got working by the way to call statuses/update API as using multipart POST method like calling update_with_media api from single part POST. I’m not sure what was wrong.