xAuth activation for 1 week (related to task #3948682 )


Please, all we need is this activated for a few days so we can set up our awesome app for HR. Spanish community will be able to find jobs via twitter through our app. Please help us. The case has been open for weeks and still unsolved.
Thank you very much


Hi Luis, a reply was sent to your email address in response to the original request. Did you check any spam folders / antivirus software to see whether it was blocked? The team handling these requests has also resent the email, so keep an eye out for a new message.


hi kurrik, yes, Brian keeps telling me the same thing (to use oAuth) but oAuth we can’t use because we will have to do the work manually to pass the accounts through this and it’s more than 6 thousand accounts.
Why can’t he simply set up xAuth for 1 week as you guys did 2 months ago (see this related zendesk task from back then: 1793386)

I hope you guys can help us with this



by the way, normally I answer Brian’s mails directly via mail. Do these mails get to him?


Yeah, if you’ve gotten emails and responded, then that’s the correct way to iterate on your request. Note that the criteria for being approved for xAuth are pretty narrow. If you’ve been told that your use case should be accomplished through OAuth, I’ll be happy to help answer any questions you may have about setting that up.


Thanks again for trying verify my acount. Just protecting others u can see on my follower list who it i followed them but they unfollowed twice today. It was i would really lke blue mark it has been horribele for me 2 monnths i thank u.