Wrong followers count



We are using the ‘twitter’(https://github.com/sferik/twitter) ruby wrapper to collect the followers count.

we are following the below steps
(have oauth_token and oauth_secret obtained form OAuth authentication and token and token_secret when registered the app)

Step 1] Creating the client

@client = Twitter::Client.new(:endpoint => "https://api.twitter.com",:consumer_key => 'xxxxxxxxx',:consumer_secret => 'xxxxxxxxx',:oauth_token => 'xxxxxxxxx',:oauth_token_secret => 'xxxxxxxxxx')

Step 2] Creating user

twitter_user = @client.user

Step 3] Collecting the followers count

followers_count = twitter_user.followers_count

Whenever we fetch the followers count at times we get random values

Thanks and Regards,
Anita Bharambe