Wrong bundle ID shows up in the log in screen of iOS safari view controller



Help me, I just deleted an iOS application with old bundle ID from Fabric and then added new application in fabric with different Bundle ID Now whenever My client installs application through test flight it shows asking permission for Created by Fabric “old bundle ID”.deleted …

What should I do for this now?


@bhaumik_desai Can you share a few more details such as the bundle id’s of your apps? Also, are you sure your client is installing the new version of your app and not an older one that had the older bundle id?


Yes Sir, thank you for quick response, Our application’s bundle ID’s are:

old: com.digicorp.30secapp
new: com.30sec.30secapp

And I am pretty sure they did install the latest build with the new bundle ID. Right now if I run the application from the simulator/ through Xcode then its showing the new Bundle ID.

But If I download it through test flight then it shows the old bundle ID.
And again thanks for looking into it @bonnell .

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