Writing a fun bot which pokes people. Is "block me" enough opt-out?


My newest invention is stupsbot.org, a simple website where you can enter a Twitter nickname and my Twitter bot (@Stupsbot) will poke them like on Facebook. :wink:

I have read that people need an easy way to “opt out” from automated mentions. Now my bot’s profile says “block me if you don’t want to be poked” as it doesn’t do anything else. Is that enough or will I have to create a complete database of Twitter user names which don’t want to be poked? If so, they would have to log in with Twitter so I can verify that they’re really themselves. I don’t think this would be easier than just blocking the bot…

Do the rules accept “block me” as an easy opt-out?


That probably won’t be sufficient. Unsolicited at mentions will likely cause your bot to appear as spam to spam-fighting algorithms, causing your bot to be suspended. It’s best not to mention accounts that aren’t following the mentioner or aren’t otherwise engaged with the mentioner.


Now that makes it harder. :-/

I’ll add some opt-out system then, according to the rules it is ok to mention people as long as they can opt.out from the website?


What is really the limitation on the at-mentions?
How much is too much?
I mean, Is there a day limit, a per-user limit, or some other sort?