Write access restricted - no reply after 7 days!


A week ago, Twitter suddenly revoked our app’s write access. To our knowledge, we don’t do anything that is not in line with the Twitter rules, automation policy, developer agreement, etc…

I immediately filed a ticket, providing all the necessary information. After which I also sent an email, repeating the information and with in depth information regarding what we do, apps similar to ours, and even offered to provide insight into our source code or a Skype call to show how it works.

It’s been 7 days (!) and still no reply. I sent the email with a mail tracker and I know the mail was read by someone at Twitter twice (once 7 days ago, and once 5 days ago).

How much longer is this going to take?


Unfortunately the response time can depend on the size of the support queues - appreciate your patience and apologies for any frustration.


Thanks Andy! Just wanted to be sure it wasn’t forgotten. I’ll have some more patience.