WP to Twitter


Hi. A while back I installed WP to Twitter and it worked fine. Due to a site redesign I have reinstalled it and when it comes to connecting, this site is saying I have already registered (which is true) but I can’t find my key/secret to add it again, and it won’t allow me to request a new one (because I’m already registered).

Any help you can give will be great.



You should be able to see the applications you’ve registered at https://dev.twitter.com/apps - the settings page for an app will list your tokens and give you the option to regenerate them.


Thanks. This actually comes back with:

Looks like you haven’t created any applications yet!

Even though I have created it for http://www.slacklinz.com


I get Authentication Failed with “twitter tools” plugin for wordpress, it worked fine, but 5 days ago it stopped working.