WP to Twiter


Hi, im using a app called WP to Twitter to push my blog posts to my twitter (as tweets). At the moment though despite me putting all the required info for it to work (Consumer and Access Token info) its saying "Connected, but getting a notice that your Authentication credentials are missing or incorrect? Check whether your Access token has read and write permission. If not, you’ll need to create a new token."
Now i have been through all the steps about 4 times now and cant see that i am missing anything and have re done the token several times trying all of the options for it.
Has anyone got a suggestion as to what is going on?


The WP to Twitter plugin was not authored by Twitter so I would suggest contacting the author. It seems that there is a discussion group for this plugin here: http://wordpress.org/tags/wp-to-twitter?forum_id=10

In general, auth errors may be caused by having a server clock which is not in sync with the Twitter servers. Try making sure that your clock’s time is close to the time returned by Twitter’s API calls.


I have the same problem. I’ve also noticed that my other websites with my other twitter accounts got the same problem. They used to work before. Now it’s no longer working.

WP to Twitter no longer works on both my old website and the new one.


don’t use of this plugin because this app using of your host cpu alot and then your host manager do suspend your host!