Would this replicate the core Twitter experience



I am working on creating an app that would make calls to the twitter api to get a list of the tweets displayed on the users Twitter home page or from a search etc.,

Then it allows the user to select one and respond by typing whatever they want and optionally adding an image. The text would then be turned into an image and posted to the users twitter account. Then used in the tweet/retweet/reply via media_id to the item of their choice.

The app would not be storing any tweets or info from twitter. No plans for messaging, profiles etc., It would simply be a way for users to create images as statuses and responses to other tweets. It would also inform users of notifications from twitter so they can reply with an image.

Would this be considered as replicating the core twitter experience or break any rules? Would it be capped or banned in any way?



The point about “replicating the core twitter experience” is essentially not to copy the Twitter website, service or mobile apps. What you seem to be describing doesn’t appear to do that. It’s fine to create an app that allows a user to Tweet some content, so long as it doesn’t surprise the user.

It’s hard to say whether something would be “capped or banned” - if an app is in accordance with the developer agreement and policy then generally speaking there should not be any particular issues.


First off. Thank you very much for answering so quickly.

To be more exact. What I want to do is use the Twitter Api to get a list of Tweets from the Users home page or let them search tweets. My app would then take the API response from twitter and build the list of tweets to look and function as much like the tweets on twitter as possible.

When a user clicks on the reply/retweet link in the tweet my App opens a dialog that lets the user type the text they want to appear on the image in a textarea, then type their list of hashtags and mentions, it will also allow the uploading of an image to be placed to the left/right of the text.

That link and the vagueness of wording is confusing. I don’t to recreate the Twitter experience I simply want to enhance it by giving users a way to express themselves with images instead of just text or posting an image with text.

In the most simple form my App would get users around the 140 character limit by turning their text into an image then posting it to Twitter as a tweet. The process that I use to Sanitize User data means I can let Programmers and tech geeks have conversations about code on twitter by posting their actual code.

After the User creates the image from text and images it would be posted to twitter and the same dialog they used to create it would let them know it was posted to twitter and show them the result while showing them an Ad in the meantime.

I understand that twitter does not like the idea of developers circumventing their process of making money via ads. A business is not a business without revenue and profit after operation. That is fair, which is why I plan on using the twitter Advertising Mopub to monetize the app. But twiiter could make a lot more money by allowing Developers like myself to use their Api to extract/show tweets by simply adding Ad’s to the Api pull list.

So say I query for 25 Tweets for a user, Twitter could simply insert 2, 3, 5 etc. ads into that Api query by building the Ad to use the same parameters as the tweets. That would show the tweets and Twitter ads, making twitter money, app developers money and everyone happy over all.

I have not filtered a full list of 25 tweets so I do not know if Twitter does this already if so sorry for the suggestion. I am using Curl to view the pure Api Return in text then printing it to view what is returned, but if they structured the Ad data just like the Tweet data then it would show up no matter how anyone tried to hack or circumvent the process.

Not only could Twitter put the Ads directly into their Api return calls, they could sweeten it by automatically giving the App a tiny fraction of the profit based on their twitter app api info, which would make it 100 times easier for App developers to monetize their apps.
I really think if Twitter implemented some sort of advertising in it’s Api return calls like this it would be best for everyone. Let developers develop 3rd party cool things and make some money, let Twitter benefit as the platform and make money with Ads served to the App. As more developers create more cool things more users come to Twitter growing the user base increasing the profit margin. Plus as a developer I would not have to worry about monetizing my app and screwing with all that stuff, I could code and watch things work and maybe make a penny or 3. Just a little thought for the guys trying to monetize Twitter.

Thanks for answering I didn’t want to make a question this long originally. I don’t mind capping, I could limit it to Geeks only, who want to share and talk about code on twitter via images.


You’ve dived into a great deal of detail here and it will always be difficult for us to respond to some of the specific questions you are asking.

On the advertising question I need to direct you to the Twitter developer policy and agreement clauses related to advertising. This is very specific about the nature of advertising that Twitter allows around content from the platform and I would urge you to carefully review these clauses.

We are unable to engage in 1:1 specific application questions related to apps on the developer forums. Thank you.


Awesome thank you very much for your responses. I’ll look over that and work around it accordingly and see where things go. It’s just an idea I am playing with among others.

I think it is awesome Twitter offers an api

Thank you.