Would the below search query work post March 2013


Would the below request produce the results as it is producing today post March 2013?


Is there any js plugin which can be used to pull twitter feed using 1.1 API?


That URL will cease functioning in March 2013. There are no Javascript plugins at this time that will work API v1.1. Also, the best source for tweets by a specific user is their [node:9713] as opposed to using search.


Hi Taylor. Will this URL below still be available in the future?


My company consumes Twitter RSS feeds on our web pages and we’re trying to figure out how to maintain this. Using Embeddable Timelines, Oauth, GET requests, etc. makes our head spin.


No, all API/RSS/ATOM access to search.twitter.com is being discontinued. You’ll only be able to retrieve queries in JSON format from https://api.twitter.com/1.1/search/tweets.json after the retirement. Other than Embedded Timelines, most solutions will require some custom programming to work with.


Ok, thanks. We’ll need to get on this then. Any specific date you know this will be shut off?


According to your post on https://dev.twitter.com/discussions/10803, this URL will remain available:


Correct? We could certainly make this work for our needs if so. Oh, and is traffic to it capped?


That discussion was from a time before API v1.1 was announced & released, and v1 was just having some “housekeeping.” Now that v1 and search.twitter.com are retiring, the old paths will no longer work.


We’ve not yet announced the final cut off date (it was originally March 5) but will following further ‘blackout tests’ we’re conducting on the road there.