Working on a small php client for a couple of my websites and my url is not able to be posted to any twitter hashtags


I am having a problem posting my url to any twitter hashtags. I successfully posted an msn article to several hashtags, but when I try my own site url I am not allowed. Is there a form I need to fill out to have my domain approved by Twitter to be able to be posted into my tweets?

Would be cool if someone from Twitter could shoot me an e-mail. I was pulling my hair out earlier thinking it was something inside of my app on the server, but was unable to do it via the web…sooo…??


Provavelmente, você deve ter marcado seus tewtters como privados. Vá em configuração, e desmaque, para que eles se tornem públicos.


Que não é o caso. Eu sou capaz de postar uma URL em meus tweets se as urls são da palavra MSN ou Yahoo ou Foxsports. Quando eu uso o meu url de domínio que eu sou incapaz de ver meus tweets.