WordPress Twitter plugin not producing Twitter cards


I’m a website owner with some programming experience. I’ve been using buffer.com to feed tweets to my twitter account. Until recently, tweets that included a URL to a post on my website generated a tweet with the post’s top graphic, the name of the post, and its first few lines. (I assume this is what’s called a Twitter card?)

Anyway, this suddenly stopped working. I’ve tried various high-level plugins (e.g., Yoast SEO plugin)–no luck.

Now I’ve activated and configured the Official Twitter plugin for WordPress–I’m still getting text-only tweets being sent out, no Twitter card, even when send the tweet directly from my twitter account (to rule out the problem being caused by buffer.com).

I’ve scoured the Internet and this forum for help, but I’ve found nothing relevant.

Two questions:

  1. Is the official Twitter plugin supposed to do what I described above?
  2. Any ideas on what’s causing the problem, what to check, or how to fix it?

Many thanks!


Thanks for spending the time and effort exploring various solutions to having Twitter Cards on your WordPress site. Could you please provide a sample post URL to allow us to view the markup on the page and diagnose the problem?


Hi, Niall,

Is this what you want?

BTW, since I originally wrote, I’ve turned off almost all my WordPress plugins, in the hope that would resolve the problem–it didn’t.

When I make a tweet (from my account, using the twitter.com website), the tweet produced (at least, as it appears on my timeline) is text-only–no Twitter card.

Thanks for your help!