Wordpress state Twitter API lag on share buttons


Hi guys, I’m experiencing a problem with the twitter share button on Wordpress. Wordpress state there’s a lag in the twitter API stream meaning shares are not loading. Please see example: http://health-innovations.org/2014/11/17/researchers-develop-saliva-based-rna-test-for-lung-cancer/ I’ve already approached wordpress & they state the problem is Twitter-side, however, I’m noting that share counts on other sites using the twitter share button is fine, and I’ve never experienced a problem with the twitter service before, has this happened to anyone else here and if so please help!


It looks like you are using a ShareDaddy custom Tweet button on a WordPress.com site. You should use a Tweet Button for officially supported Tweet count and other features.

WordPress.com is the proper support channel for your issues with the ShareDaddy custom Tweet button.


Hi Naill,
Thanks for getting back to me. This is as I suspected and what Wordpress probably already knows. Quite frustrating as they always send me packing to either yourselves or facebook whenever there is an issue with the share facilities there. I wonder, do you get many queries from developers working with this platform out of interest?

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