Wordpress Plugin for Twitter Cards & Validating More than 1 Card Type


This post is in regards to the development page about plugins for Wordpress users that need the ability to define Twitter Card features on a per post basis as well as sitewide.

I am using SEO Ultimate, (https://wordpress.org/plugins/seo-ultimate/) and I’m very happy with it.
I am a previous Yoast user but became disenchanted with them and opted for a change. (and glad I did)

SEO Ultimate allows you the ability to define a myriad of Twitter card definitions, PER post as well as site wide values and also OG and other SEO tools. It is not listed on the Twitter plugins page.

My only issue is that I can’t seem to get the Twitter card validator to allow me to apply for any other card type BESIDES Summary (which I am already approved for) It requires you to validate from the main URL - but it is the post URL’s that change from summary to photo, or otherwise.

I’d very much appreciate your help and instruction as to how I apply to be whitelisted so that my posts can be any of the few card types that are applicable to those posts. (Most would be image)



Hi, I responded in another thread, but thanks for this additional information, this is helpful. I’m not familiar with that plugin in detail.

I’ll ask the Cards team to take a look into this asap.


Thanks again.

I had tried to research the forums before I posted and came across the post about the 3 plugins and read the request to add additional notations - if there were more. SEO Ultimate is fairly popular, very detailed, yet not as bloated as Yoast nor holding anyone hostage for upgrades…