[WordPress] Fetching the page failed because the response is too large




I’m trying to validate Twitter Cards but I’m getting the following error:

Fetching the page failed because the response is too large.

The site runs on WordPress with Yoast SEO and W3 Total Cache. I’m using Amazon CloudFront CDN to deliver theme files and images. To minimize the size of files I’ve turned on GZIP compression. Also all “minify” frameworks are working very well. I’m a little bit confused. Does anybody has an idea of how I can fix this error?

The site url is: https://www.prybacki.com

I have read couple similar topics but I could not solve this problem.
If anyone have some tips, I will appreciate any help.



Have you considered not using inline CSS?

Your page in a single fetch is 1.7Mb, of which 95% consists of 5000 lines of inline CSS.

Our card crawler will not load pages of this size for performance reasons.


Thank you for your answer @andypiper

I didn’t realize that the problem can be connected with CSS. I will try to play with this and make again validation.


@andy I’ve followed your tip and removed all inline CSS. I’ve made again validation and everything now is working correctly. Thank you again for your help. You can close this topic.