Wordpress Embed Not Working


Until a few days ago, embedding a tweet’s link into a post on my self-hosted Wordpress blog displayed the tweet on the published post. Then, it just stopped working for me.

I’ve tried deactivating plugins and themes, trying the links in brand new posts, using the text editor instead of the WYSIWYG editor. No luck. Would you mind taking a look at my page and see if you can see if something else is wrong?

Here’s the URL:

Thanks for your help.


We’re having the same issue. http://blog.rockfordortho.com/3-ways-proper-injury-reporting-benefits-athletes/


Did you ever get a resolution? I am having the same issue WP 3.8 www.femmevitesse.com.au

All old posts with embeds are fine. Whenever I try to put a new post up, they don’t embed, so I remove the post…


I have the same problem, exactly what happens to @FemmeVitesse. Old tweets are fine, but the new ones don’t embed, it just shows the url :S

Any help?


Interesting. So maybe it’s a 3.8 problem. I’ll open a thread at Wordpress as well.


Just saw this from the Wordpress dev team:


It’s an issue with the Twitter API apparently and will be fixed in 3.8.1, which is about 71% complete:


Hope it comes soon!