Wondering how to customize my profile like Hubspot


Hello, Not sure where to get this answer. Starting here. @hubspot has a banner at the top of their profile. I understand the background, colors, etc. but the banner at the top… how did they do that. That wouldn’t be an API, since it’s on Twitter’s site. Is that paid advertising? Please direct me where as to where to find the answer. Thank you! http://twitter.com/hubspot. Couldn’t find link in advertising area to ask a question. Sorry to clog up your form with an potential advertising question.



This is a feature not yet available via the API nor open for all users; stay tuned to the Twitter blog for any future announcements about the feature. Thanks!


Can i have it too… I`m dying :I


Any user can customize their own profile banner now. Just go to your account settings on the website, find the design tab, and upload a profile banner. If you want to do so using the API, use [node:11298].