With=followings user stream


can we still use with=followings user streaming? the doc page shows deprecated without giving alternative? how to get the realtime tweets from users that i am following without manually specifying the userid list?


User streams were retired last year. There is no direct replacement that allows realtime home timeline events.


When will you add this to account activity API? Or


Any future plans? To relaunch user stream?


This is not going to be added to the Account Activity API, and there are no future plans to relaunch the old user stream API, since this has now been replaced with the modern Account Activity API for similar purposes (except for home timeline streaming). The alternative is to poll the home_timeline endpoint instead.


meanwhile your powertrack is not affordable for individual and it was made for the sole purpose of selling twitter data to corporate?
powertrack does not have pay as you go pricing. a fixed price of min 5000$ per year no matter howmuch stream rules i use.
if i just have to get 5k twitter handles realtime tweets without restarting stream connection i should pay 5000$ every year right?


twitter is not transparent when comes to its powertrack pricing. everytime anybody ask pricing in forum they only get a reply message saying contact via link form etc.