Will this automation get my brand account suspended?



We’re hoping to use an automation feature in Zapier to auto-reply to people who have engaged with our @ handle and new campaign hashtag. Having read the automation rules it suggests I need to get this approved, so I’m a bit wary this will get our account suspended. Does anyone have any experience of doing this, and what was the result?

In the automation guide when I follow the link to contact them, it takes me to Twitter marketing which provides no details to contact anyone anywhere, so some help would be great!


This is not really something that we would suggest you do, since our antispam systems are likely to suspend the application.

I assume that you followed the link in the section about brand auto-response campaigns? The assumption there is that you have an existing relationship with Twitter as a business advertiser and therefore would have an account manager or partner manager that you could work with.


Hey Andy,

Thanks for your reply, really appreciate it. Makes sense based on what’s in
the rules so I thought it best to check. I can quietly shelve this one :+1: