Will dynamically inserted meta tags(by javascript) be detected and picked up by Twitterbot? (twitter photo card)



Is it possible? Does twitterbot detect and process dynamically inserted meta tags? If not, it would only mean that the meta tags would have to be rendered from server-side script. However, the application i’m working on utilizes hashtag to dynamically change content (ajax). What would be the best and proven approach in this environment?

Thanks for your help.


same here. i want to know how!


Hi @afr5 and @mandaamn,

Unfortunately, we do not currently process javascript in the caching mechanism yet. Will update here when we do, but it’s not currently on the roadmap.

Thanks for the great question!


Hi @rchoi - was there even an update on this? Thanks!


No, the Twitterbot cards crawler does not process Javascript, you’ll need to insert your meta tags into static HTML.


@andypiper ok no worries, thanks for confirming