Will authenticate or authorize be considered deprecated in the future?


Following on from the change documented here: Recent changes to Twitter’s OAuth login flow and API endpoints

Will one of the two endpoints be considered deprecated in the future, as they’re now effectively the same?


That’s possible. We’re discussing how to improve this situation at the moment, but I’m unable to state right now whether this would be the outcome. We hear and understand the confusion this change has caused and want to resolve it.


Okay, I’ve opened a ticket with omniauth-twitter about removing support for authorize in favourite of only authenticate (considering their now the same). This thread was more, “is it worth keeping that duplicate functionality?” that we now have.


OK. There’s work in progress to at least modify the interstitial (and correspondingly, the documentation) depending on the endpoint, but I cannot be more specific about future outcomes at present.


while I dont know when it was changed again, it was apparently rolled back so it just shows the page for a few seconds till redirecting, aka as it was.

This is great, I have to say.