Will a multi protocol client with separated Twitter and none-Twitter be 1.1 compliant?


My Twitter client called Nymphicus for Windows (http://www.nymphicusapp.com/windows/) has an approach of putting several sources into one single list of items (I call it Views - see details here: http://www.nymphicusapp.com/windows/documentation/views/)

The current version 1.4 allows users to mix any Twitter content with Facebook, QUOTE.fm or Google Reader in one list. I am quite sure that API 1.1 display requirements do not allow me to so in the future (Timeline, Point 6) so here is my plan for the upcoming 2.0:

The user may have multiple Views (as he can today) but there will be two types: Twitter only (able to combine multiple Twitter accounts) and Other Networks (anything except Twitter). As only one View is visible at any time there will be no mixture of Twitter and other networks.

Would this solution be fine for API 1.1? Just want to be sure before putting it into the code.




You may want to reach out to API policy through support.twitter.com/forms/platform for a definitive answer, but this sounds compliant with the display requirements to me. The spirit of those requirements are that you won’t directly commingle services in the same timeline presentation. Keeping them separated is permitted in my understanding.