Widjet.js alert "No suitable XHR implementation available"




I’m loading a list of several single tweet with widget.js. It works like all tweets are well rendered, but at the first tweet created the browser display a alert box “No suitable XHR implementation available.”, then several follow as “XHR request failed.”, “XHR request aborted.” and finally “XHR request timed out.”.
This occurs only one time, not for each loaded tweet.
I’d try with Firefox, Chromium and Chrome on a Ubuntu computer.

Here is the code :

  1. add the twitter script:
    <script async src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

  2. then for each tweet ID I want to display, I call widgets.createTweet() :

  { align: 'left' }

I do not find for hours how to remove those alert boxes.


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