Widgets Twitter on my google site



Please, i have two questions: (i have added the widget twitter to my google site)

1- Is it possible to change the color theme (to a color other than the white and black) ? And How ?

2-I have added the frsilicon time line to my page as like here :

My question: is it possible to add more than one time line in the same widget ? i’d like time lines of frsilicon and appleNews in the same widget…

Thanks a lot.
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1- You can also change the link color, border color or make the background transparent.
More details there: https://dev.twitter.com/docs/embedded-timelines#options

2- You can have the tweets of multiple users in the same timeline. For that you first create a Twitter list (https://support.twitter.com/articles/76460-using-twitter-lists) with the users you want in your timeline. Then you create an embedded timeline of type “List”.


Thanks a lot for answer :slight_smile:
I have resolved the number "2"
For the theme color, i understand that are no choice, dark or white ? That’s it ?

Thanks a lot.
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For the normal text color, yes you have only 2 themes.


Ok, Thanks for your answer :slight_smile: