Widgets.twimg.com/j/2/widget.js - stopped working


Hi, not sure what’s going on but a while ago I configured a twitter widget for use on multiple pages on a site I work. This site allows a twitter object to be related to any number of pages, so each page/section could have a different feed. Each feed was ID based to follow an inidividual. I was using the above JS script and an object called “twitter feed” that the author just realted to a page and entered the ID they wanted to follow.

Using something like this:
IItem tweetItem = relatedTweeter[0].getChildItem();
tweetID = tweetItem.getFieldValue(“tweet”);

Then pumping out

Now it appears I need to have a data-widget-ID, but everytime I try it my own Twitter ends up on the page, is there some kind of generic ID or some way to skip it?


same Here since 2 days :frowning:


Anyone find a solution yet?


Hi Andrew,

This thread summarises the final disabling of the old widget.js script, and links to the documentation for customisation and dynamically setting different users. I’d urge reading it to get up to speed: https://dev.twitter.com/discussions/18458

(In short though: you can use the data-screen-name attribute to change the displayed user timeline.)



Thanks Ben, I’ll have a proper read of the item and see what I can sort.


Thanks Ben I’ve had a read of this now but am still not totally clear. In the department I work there are numerous twitter accounts for different sections, the authors of these pages admit they aren’t too tech and when I mentioned widgets etc some eyes glazed…

I can live without the styling and font elements, if I use data-screen-name for any of the other accounts will the pull using a single data-widget-id?


Ok - solved now thanks for the pointer… Basically I’ve stuck
data-screen-name="<%tweetID%>" inside the <a href along with the data widget ID. Can still pull variable from the twitter objects so with a little rewrite we should be back in business. Thanks again