Widgets limit (100)


Hello, I have 100 Twitter widgets created with my account and when i try to create another i can’t. is there a maximum of 100 widgets set by account?.

Thank you,
José María


There is an upper bound to the number of widgets a user can create. If you need to create more, you might need to use another account.


@episod is there another solution but creating fake Twitter accounts for this problem?
Or should the proper solution be self-creating Twitter “widgets” via the REST API?


That’s one option. I’d also review if you really need to have that many distinct widgets – only the search widgets need a unique widget ID for each query; profile and list widgets are configurable using client-side commands.

Additional accounts wouldn’t necessarily be “fake” – if you’re creating that many widgets, I imagine there are some conceptual boxes that some of them would go into rather than all associated with the same account.


So I can copy/paste the same user timeline widget html code (with the same widget-id) and just change the user?
But then I probably can’t add multiple ones on one page?


You should be able to add multiple user timeline widgets with the same widget id on the same page.


mmmm, all widgets need an id unique, not just search widgets.


For non-search widgets, using Timeline Selection (https://dev.twitter.com/docs/embedded-timelines#timeline-selection) you can override client-side the user or the list a timeline is showing.