Widgets.js - r.isSupported is not a function


Found out that Tweet buttons are no longer showing up correctly.
Browsed through forums, googled - can’t find a reason why the widgets.js would throw such an error.

Problematic page:

(facebook loads fine, twitter stays as textual link - console throws an error “TypeError: r.isSupported is not a function”

tried to put the tweet button on:
(displays flawlessly)

both pages seem to load the same widgets.js script.

could you please advise? the pages differ in html type, may that be a problem?



It appears that one of the libraries that you are using (dateparse.js) overwrites Array.prototype.indexOf.
We rely on native indexOf in our library and the overwritten version does not work with our code. In general it is considered to be a bad practice to modify native objects such as Array.


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