Widgets.createTimeline() needs a new option: search


When creating an Embedded Timeline via widgets.createTimeline() from widgets.js I can set the screenName. So why can’t I also set the search query if I’m using that instead of screenName?

Please add “query” to the options supported by the widgets.createTimeline() function!

widgets.js documentation:

Similarly, the Embedded Timelines markup needs to accept a “query” data attribute.

Embedded Timelines documentation:

It is not useful for the search query to be stored by Twitter and permanently fixed to the Widget ID. It should be a variable to give more flexibility.

For example, it is currently impossible to implement Embedded Timelines for a search or hashtag using a CMS to control the query – a basic and obvious requirement!

Now that you have effectively blocked client-side usage of the Twitter API with version 1.1, you need to improve Twitter for websites to give us back the basic and essential capabilities that we have lost!

If you give me access to the source code, I’ll gladly fix this myself in a branch for you to QA and merge!


I just need the same to make use of dynamically created Live-Feeds(Tweets) for Events