Widgets code does not display after embedded to site HTML


Please can you help?
Tried searching but could not find exact match for this issue.

I am trying to embed a widgets in my homepage html, as I have done before, but the preview was fine on Twitter, when copied and pasted into our site we only see the link saying something like @iokokidoki timeline but does not display the widgets.

Thank you in advance.


This problem typically occurs when software sits between the HTML you paste into your site and the final HTML displayed with the page. Some CMS and other software will strip out the JavaScript included with the HTML you have copy-and-pasted onto your page.

Are you directly editing the HTML of a page or using a CMS which may strip JavaScript?


Thanks for your reply, to answer your question.

  1. I do not use CMS.
  2. Yes I edit the site using Dreamweaver 8
  3. The site is hosted on a Unix server.
    The other site that I have the Widgets running is based on Windows platform.
    Could this be the case?.

Thank you in advance.


View source of the page. Search for platform.twitter.com. Do you see widgets.js? If not it may be dropped somewhere.

Twitter widgets.js supports Internet Explorer 9 or later. Check your document mode if you are using a newer version of Internet Explorer; you may be setting an emulation mode with X-UA-Compatible.