When I try to create a timeline widget in the settings section of my account I get the following response:
403 Forbidden: The server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it.
How do I get around this so that I can actually embed a timeline in a website?


I’m getting the same behaviour (403 forbidden when trying to configure new widget).


The same. Doesn’t works on IE, Safari, Chrome and Firefox. What’s the problem ?


I am also having this problem.


Same problem here…


Me too…




same problem here. Any idea?


me too - help!


Having the same problem. Actually with one account. I have two other accounts in which it works…?!


Do you have an issue with twitter account you haven’t used yet to tweet?

try adding a fake tweet and create the widget again.



I have two accounts (personal and professional). The other one will create a widget with no problems.


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I am also having this issue on multiple accounts.


I am having the same issue as well.


I’m having the same issue as above.


Here, too.


I cant compose tweet on my timeline while using my laptop… really dont know why … pls check me out


I am having this problem as well with multiple accounts… is there any action being taken to correct this error?


This bit me as well. Some issues have been reported about this one, e.g. https://dev.twitter.com/issues/1304 but they have not been reviewed by Twitter yet.