Widget throws error in IE9 and 10 if document.domain is set manually


Hi all

widget.js throws error in the method named as secDocDomain() after document.domain is changed. The problem can be represented on both IE9 and IE10.

I tried digging into the compressed code and found that the callback function passed to layout() is not functioning any more because of the undefined this.thisBaseFrame. And it seems the problem can be fixed by changing the code in the way below.



this.layout(function() {
  t.frame = null;
  t.appender ? t.appender(e) : document.body.appendChild(e);
  t.frame = e

It’ll be appreciated if you could kindly look into this issue.

Live code: http://s.codepen.io/toruta39/debug/ByRdjv


Thank you very much for the report. We’ll look into rolling a fix for this asap.