Widget still shows tweeted photos despite unchecking "auto expand photos"




On our client’s website we have been happily using a Twitter widget, displaying the timeline of the company’s official twitter timeline. The client has now noticed that numerous tweets contain images and this is affecting the page’s load-speed.

I have seen that the twitter widget has an “auto expand photos” checkbox, which was ticked. I have since un-ticked it and saved the amendment. I’m under the assumption that this feature will mean pictures within tweets will no longer display the image itself within the tweet, within the widget.

But, as it currently stands, despite saving the widget settings change, it seems pictures are still appearing within the embedded timeline. Am I missing something?



Ah… I’ve now just seen this:

Oh dear.


Yes, this is now the only behaviour supported by the widget, and we will be fixing the widget configuration tool in the future. Apologies for the confusion over that.

You’ll find some developers have offered solutions on the other thread which involve using Javascript etc to hide or strip out the media entities, but this is not something we support.


How exactly are we supposed to have a support feed up at our office now that harassing users can simply spam our feed with adult imagery? Your “sensitive content” settings only actually work if the user turns on that their content is sensitive in their account settings, last I checked.

This is a real problem that needs to be addressed - There was a reason we hid images from auto-display.


Thanks for this feedback - I’ll be sure to pass it along to the web team.

If this is what you want to use the embedded timeline widget for, then you are free to use the Javascript posted by @serathium, for example, to hide the images.

In these kinds of cases however, I’d suggest thinking about ways to curate Tweets that need attention into a Collection for display. Some organisations use TweetDeck - for instance, I have a TweetDeck search column that allows me to monitor discussion about these forums and our official team @handles, and I use the exclusion filters to avoid or hide spammy content when it comes in.

Some organisations use other tools which are built more directly for customer service scenarios. Here are some examples from our Twitter Official Partners page.

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