Widget shows only my tweets not other users' tweets


i went to settings>widgets>create new and created a user timeline and copied the code given into a page of my website
the problem is that widget shows only the tweets that are tweeted by me ,i doesn’t show the tweets tweeted by other users and referring to me(ex. a tweet like this “@mavikalp_com you re so cool mavikalp” tweeted by someone other than me) contrary to what it is supposed to be like according to the documentation
after facing that problem, i had tried to create search widget.The problem is same for this one as well and also i had the same problem in even preview sections.
somebody please help me make that widgets show other users tweets referring to me


Same problem for me too… Have you found any solution @mavikalp_com


Same Problem for me also … It Showing only only my Tweets not the other one. … why ?


“Exclude replies” is an option for user timelines. View your widget configuration by visiting the Twitter Widgets page and selecting the user timeline widget of interest. Look for the “Exclude replies” checkbox.

You may also add data-show-replies=“true” to the generated markup to override the show replies behavior set for the widget ID.