Widget Preview is blank


When creating widget, the preview windows is blank (white). It doesn’t matter whose Username I put in. I copied the code to my website and it’s not working (localhost and web server). Nothing shows up, just like preview window. I’m using Ubuntu 13.04, Chrome 28, Firefox 22. I tired third party too (getmytweets. co. uk).

Console error in Chrome:
Failed to load resource http://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js

What can I do?


It’s unusual to not be able to load that resource. Are you using any browser extensions that may be blocking that Javascript from loading?


AdBlocker Plus was blocking twitter widget. When I installed it, I set it to disable tracking (facebook, Google+, and I guess Twitter too), but now I have disabled it and it works. Thanks for your help.


Avast Online security on Chorme 31 was blocking twitter widget.Thanks for your help